1. Is Rails a MVC framework?

    26 September 2011

    This blog Rails is not MVC triggered some discussions about MVC or Model2. I left a comment on it too.

    As a programmer, I say Rails is a MVC framework, so does Django, Spring and others. Implementations vary. That is how software engineering is.

  2. Put Jofe on github

    20 September 2011

    Jofe is for Joomla 1.5 extension.

    That was when I started using Joomla. It wasn’t enough a platform in my opinion. Then borrowed active record thing from CakePHP, started doing extensions.

    Simplified ORM in JofeTable, pagination/filter/sorting in JofeModel are two things I am most happy about. Saved lots of my time on projects.

    Not too much of value now. Just keep a record of past work.

    On github

  3. Is it Ruby?

    26 August 2011

    I wonder if it is playing Ruby made me wanting to start my own website?

    Thanks to Nesta and Heroku, for making everything easy.